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For the safety of our staff and our clients this is what we have done to our salon so please watch the video below to find out what the rules are now.

  • Before coming into the salon we ask you to make sure you haven’t got a cold, feel ill or show any symptons of covid-19.
  • We ask you to wear a mask no exceptions unless you have a doctors note as proof.
  • We ask you to sanitize your hands on entry with the hand sanitizer provided.
  • We also ask you to show up on time Not before as we need to sanitze the area and Not late as this will take our designated time for cleansing down our sections.
  • We will use disposable gowns and disposable towels to keep the risk of cross contamination out.
  • All hair must be washed No dry cut’s No exceptions.

Things we done to help the customers out whilst through lockdown.

  • Mixed and delivered colours so our customers could do their roots / hair.
  • We did a tutorial showing exactly how to put the colour on professionally.
  • We also delivered products to customers homes too.