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Zen Hair Extensions

Bonds: Price Quoted On Consultation

Tape: Price Quoted On Consultation

Information About Type Of Hair We Use:

There is an ever-increasing demand for higher quality hair extensions to keep in line with modern elite hair trends and creations.

With this in mind, we dedicated our approach to produce a really special hair range that would withstand today’s high expectations.

Zen Hair welcomes you to an exquisite range of luxury Hair extensions presented to you by our World famous hair manufacturer.

Established over 35 years as leading experts in the industry , we have gained a solid reputation for delivering on our promise.

Outstanding Performance

Please take the opportunity to sample our hair quality. The performance of the hair is everything! We have considerable confidence you will be impressed and the user will be delighted!

Why not give us a call to find out more about the ZEN HAIR product.

We look forward in providing you with years of outstanding products and service.

Pure Luxury, Outstanding Performance

The ZEN Guarantee:

We have worked our hardest to provide you with the industries highest quality hair extensions , and we are confident that you and your clients will be completely satisfied.

However , if for any reason that you are not , we would be happy for you to return the product to us within 28 days of purchase, for a full money-back refund under the terms of our policy.

Together with a recommended aftercare range, your Zen Hair extensions will maintain it’s original condition of stunning beauty and vitality for a minimum of 6 months.

In fact, our hair extensions actually last much longer than this, being reused up to a year with good maintenance.

Our mission is to “Get a 100% satisfaction response and delighted clients first time and every time” !

The ZEN Quality:

Zen Hair uses a source guaranteed to be from 100% Virgin Hair. Our careful selection of the finest remy hair, together with the World’s most advanced processing techniques, ensures that the extensions perform exactly like your own hair.

We guarantee the most natural wave, fullness, lustre and longevity of our Virgin Hair.

The raw materials we use are meticulously hand selected from the Virgin hair, and we choose only the finest, healthiest and strongest hairs from that source.


Original Italian Keratin pre-bonded U-Tips for fusion. One of the most popular methods used by hair extension professionals today.

Stays in the hair for several months and is kind to hair as Keratin is a natural protein component of human hair.

Hair can be re-used at each service cycle by reattaching with keratin tips.


Original Italian Keratin pre-bonded I-Tips for no-heat attachment with micro-rings. Tiny, coated alloy rings are compressed around the hair for a comfortable secure attachment.

Silicone lined rings also help to cushion the hair from any excessive pressure.

Easily removable with a hand tool, and re-attached with new micro-rings.  I-Tips can also be fused by melting the Keratin Bond.

Tape Extension

Fast becoming one of the most popular systems amongst professionals, due to the speed and versatility of the system. Hair is presented infused into a soft, thin and flexible polymer. It is pre-taped with a medical grade gel adhesive which adheres for 6-8 weeks.

Simply position clients natural hair in between two pieces of tape and press together for a secure and comfortable fit. Lies seamlessly flat against the hair and is easily removable.

Qualities of Zen Hair

Virgin Hair

Ultra smooth, uni-directional cuticles, for silky smooth and shiny, tangle free hair. Zen Hair is meticulously prepared to protect the living hair cuticles from source, to maintain that naturally healthy, young hair.


Even after extensive washing, our hair extensions reveal a deep shine and remains exceptionally soft and moisturised back in its original state, ready for the intensive styling and challenging demands of modern hair trends.

Long Lasting

Great looking hair even after months and months of continuous use. The exceptional longevity of the hair outlasts most brands in the market, with our Ultimate Series boasting up to a whole year’s use with general maintenance.


The hair is fortified with a latest Keratin deep-conditioning process which penetrates deep into the cortex, to help maintain ultimate hydration of the hair after colouring making it beautifully soft and shiny to the touch.

Aftercare  For Zen Extensions!

Please download the aftercare guidance for the zen extensions down below.